Animal Control Is Essential For Wildlife


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Animal Control Is Essential For Wildlife

At All Wildlife Removal Inc., we understand the critical need for humane animal control and rescue. Our mission is to safeguard our clients’ property or homes while giving wildlife a chance to move safely away from harm and escape safely.

But is wildlife control really that essential? Wouldn’t it be fine if raccoons and squirrels could stay in our attic for the winter? While I would like to believe so, there’s risk associated with health issues and damage done to your house.

Prevention of disease outbreaks through effective wildlife management

There are numerous illnesses and diseases which could be contracted through contact with a sick or injured animal. For example, bats, skunks, raccoons and Opossums all pose the potential risk of contracting Rabies; hence why animal control is so important.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for rabies and it typically leads to death. If you become infected by a wild animal, that’s it – we apologize if this sounds morbid, but the fact remains.

Do you really want to put yourself or your family members at risk of contracting or passing away from a fatal illness in order for wild animals to stay warm? I can assure you that it’s not worth it, and any animal released will find a warmer spot for winter – it just won’t be in your home.

Limit the destruction to your property caused by wildlife infestation in your home by taking steps to eliminate their breeding ground.

Wildlife or other small animals living in your home can present a challenging scenario. Either they pose risks to health or cause destruction to property. We’ve seen firsthand the devastation a wild animal can wreak on homes and properties, and it is never pleasant.

If you keep wild animals in your home, you should expect to notice the following types of damages:

  • Your electrical systems
  • Telephone and cable wires damaged
  • Ventilation system damaged
  • General damage to property (holes in fences, gardens)
  • Structural damage
  • Leaks to wall-panel damage
  • Roof and ceiling damage
  • Windows and screens damaged

Fire hazards, beneath decks and sheds: the list is endless! Not only could animals like raccoons, squirrels or even raccoons cause the destruction described above to your home but they may also create holes of various sizes – which allow other wildlife or rodents to get in as well. Therefore, an extensive inspection and total animal control for your house as well as its immediate surroundings is absolutely necessary for peace of mind.

Based on the above information, animal and wildlife control is an essential service. While it’s nice to let animals enjoy their freedom during winter months, this should never be done at the expense of your family’s safety or that of those close to you.

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