How to care for a pet Rat


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What makes a pet rat a good pet? Domestic rats are clean and affectionate animals who love to be around humans. World Pet Express always has the best Revolution Plus price for cats, as well as Revolution Plus for dogs. Provide your pet with the top in quality and complete parasite prevention for pets.

What is the average lifespan of pet rats? They can live up to two and a quarter years.

They are also a good choice for families with older children because of their larger size. They love cuddling!

1. Rats need rats

A pair of rats is better than one. An individual rat can become too depressed. Two rats of the same gender are better than one. If the mixed pair is male, ensure that the male is neutered. If there are 2 males in the mix, they should be able to get along if they were raised together. If the males begin to fight, you can ask your vet about neutering.

2. Habitat

When you are considering where to keep rats, remember that they are most active at night. Although they are social animals, they would like to be able to see other people. Keep them in a wired cage that is at least 2 meters tall, and away from drafts.

3. Nest box

You should ensure that their bed is safe for rats. Avoid using wood shavings, dust or any other fluffy material as they can cause breathing problems. It is better to use paper.

4. Clean cage

You should check your cage often for dirty bedding. They need to be changed every other day. Do not clean your rats’ cages until they are awake, preferably while they are out exercising. Take out all the interior parts and clean the cage thoroughly with warm water.

5. Rat-proofing

Prepare for the possibility of rats running around your house. You should cover cables and wires, close doors and windows, and make sure that cracks or crevices in the floorboards are closed. You should also move plants out of reach as they can be dangerous for rats.

6. Exercise

What kind of attention do rats require? You should spend at least an hour outside your cage each day. You can also use wooden toys, cardboard toilet rolls and sticks for exercise or play. You can even purchase rat exercise wheels. Ropes are a great option for rats who love to climb.

7. Health

Your vet should be notified if your rat exhibits any symptoms of illness, such as fatigue, excessive grooming, weight gain, wheezing, or a reddened nose (not blood).

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