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Otto is one of the many pets that she has. Anyone who follows her on social media will know about him. Karol G’s English Shepherd, Otto is in danger and it is worth reading about the events.

Karol G’s English Shepherd, a dog in danger of extinction

Before you leave, stop at Otto. The English Shepherd is undoubtedly the best-known and longest-lived.


In January 2016, Otto was the first to enter Karol G’s universe. The singer quickly revealed the news via social media, especially Instagram where she has more than 44 million followers.

Karol G’s English Shepherd, a dog in danger of extinction Adidas

Otto was gifted to him by Ovy On Drums, Ovy at the time’s partner. They still have a wonderful relationship, despite the fact that their relationship ended in discord. You can see that Karol G is happy with Anuel A.A., as you can see from his social media.

Otto was soon to have an Instagram account. Karol G’s English Shepherd is a social media success story. His 240,000 Instagram followers can see this.

Karol G’s English Shepherd, a dog in danger of extinction Anuel

We can see Otto’s daily activities through a daily account. Otto is an exceptional dog, but his daily routine is not the most typical.

Karol G’s English Shepherd, a dog in danger of disappearing

She was seen flying in a private plane, and then running alongside her horse brothers. This clearly increases her followers and likes.


Many people want to know more about Karol G’s dog Otto.

Karol G’s English Shepherd, Karol’s dog in danger of extinction horses

Otto, an English Shepherd in grey and white, is now six years old. Otto is now six years old. He has also reached his maximum size. This is quite remarkable. Karol G uploaded some Instagram Stories that Otto was standing on his two legs, almost equal to the height of the Colombian singer. This is 160 cm talent.

Karol G’s English Shepherd, a dog in danger of extinction

Karol G shared these photos on Instagram: Otto, a calm, affectionate, and familiar dog. Karol G and Otto both feel great joy upon returning from concerts, interviews, or tours. These are only a few.

THE ENGLISH SHEPHERD – An Endangered Breed

While Otto may be happy, it is alarming to learn the truth about Otto’s English Shepherd dog breed. While Otto is English by his surname, only 227 English Shepherd puppies were born in the UK in 2020. This is a small number that can help ensure the survival and well-being of a breed once considered the best in the country.

Karol G’s English Shepherd, a dog that is in danger of extinction

The Kennel Club is an organization that protects and cares for all dogs in the United States. This is the lowest number since 1961. This is to be understood in context. In 1979, the English Sheepdog remained the dominant breed in Britain. There were over 6,000 births in 1979. It was impossible to have imagined that 40 years later, the breed would be at risk of disappearing.

Karol G’s English Shepherd is in danger

This is a shame because bobtails can be loyal, noble, and close-knit dogs. They require daily hair care and are nearly as big as their owners.


This breed is rare and there are many people who profit from it. English Shepherds have been bought on the black market for up to $3 million. Poaching animals is a common practice, which makes it more likely that the breed will disappear.

Karol G’s English Shepherd, a dog in danger of extinction

How can you tell if the copy that you have is authentic? These are the characteristics of an English Shepherd.

Stature – The male can reach 60 cm, while the female can still reach 55 cm. They can stand up and dance with Karol G.

Weighing – This breed can eat quite a bit and is large. It can weigh between 20 and 45 kilograms.

Body – The English shepherds’ coat is not revealing their true constitution. They are strong and powerful. Their movement is limited by this. Their mobility is very similar to that of bears.

Coat – His coat is typically white, gray, and with a few touches of blue. Some exceptions are striking. It is difficult to comb the coat of an English Shepherd’s coat because it is twice as long.

  • Karol G’s English Shepherd, a dog that is in danger of extinction
  • Head – The English Shepherd’s skull is square, large and square.

Eyes – The English Shepherd’s unique eye color is what makes him so special. The beautiful combination of blue and brown is most common, but sometimes it’s one or the other.

Life Expectancy – The English Shepherd’s official life expectancy is 12 years. They can live as long as 15 years. He is a calm, easygoing dog that doesn’t require as much work and who has less stress. He lives longer because of this.

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