Three bears were rescued from Vietnam


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These three bears were the last bile bears left in Lang Son, and now Lang Son is the 34th bear-free provincial in Vietnam.

Three Asiatic bears were rescued from the horrendous abuse of bear bile farming in Lang Son province, North Vietnam. One of the most horrific examples of animal cruelty today is the exploitation of captive bears to produce bile.

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Animals Asia Foundation, Education for Nature Vietnam and World Animal Protection joined forces to rescue the four bears. They were placed in a sanctuary managed by Animals Asia Foundation, Vinh Phuc (80 km northwest of Hanoi).

The first identification of the three bears was made during a microchipping visit to Lang Son farm in 2019.

Are You Ready for Freedom?

World Animal Protection is working with the government in order to register all bears on farms across the country, microchip them and monitor them with inspections. This is done to prevent new bears from being taken into captivity for the bile business. All bears without microchips or registration papers are taken into custody and given sanctuary by the government.

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The three bears were all microchipped. However, one bear was found to be illegal because it didn’t have a microchip. It had to be taken away. Meanwhile, the owner decided to surrender the remaining bears to the sanctuary.

The bears were approximately 21 years old. They were kept in extremely poor conditions in concrete cages measuring 1.5m wide by 1.8m high. There was no natural sunlight.

The Rescue

The rescue occurred on Friday, 25 juin. The rescue took place on Friday, 25 June. They were transported without any problems and are now settled in their new environment where they will experience no cruelty or suffering.

Cam, the bear that was taken from a bear-bile farm in Hai Phong province in April, has been rescued.

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Stopping the bear bile industry

World Animal Protection and other partnering NGO’s have been working with the Vietnamese government for over 15 years to fight the cruel practice bear bile farming. Collective efforts have led to a more than 90% decrease in the number bile bears living in Vietnam. From 4,300 bears in 2005, to just 346 bears today.

Not only is bear bile farming cruel, it causes suffering and stress to animals and also has a negative reputation. Although there have been significant improvements across the country, Hanoi is still lagging behind. It has 162 bears and accounts for 44% of all bile bears. Hanoi authorities must enforce the law and convince farmers to surrender their bears.

What you can do to help

World Animal Protection has been working to eradicate animal cruelty around the globe for over 55 years. We are grateful for your support.

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