5 Ways To Spoil Your Cat

There are so many ways you can spoil your cat with today’s products! The only things keeping you back are your imagination and your cat’s preferences to keep them entertained monthly, weekly, or even daily! …

There are so many ways you can spoil your cat with today’s products! The only things keeping you back are your imagination and your cat’s preferences to keep them entertained monthly, weekly, or even daily! If you’re looking for fresh new items to spoil your cat this year, we’ve got some great ideas. Continue reading about these 5 different ways you can make that happen, courtesy of The Refined Feline.

#1: A Toy for Every Cat

The easiest way to spoil your cat is with a bunch of different toys catered to their taste! The possibilities are endless, as there are thousands of toys on the market for any cat. You can’t go wrong with wand toys either, as they help your cat feel like a hunter with their fast movement, feathers, and fake-fur toys. If you’re looking for something more state-of-the-art, automated toys may be what you’re looking for. They will turn on when your cat starts playing with them, then turn off automatically after fifteen minutes to save battery life. These toys will do almost anything, including make noises, bobble, spin, and skitter across the floor as if they were alive.

These toys engage your cat more than typical plush toys, which will help to hold their attention longer. Be sure to cater the toys specifically to what your cat likes from the huge selection available. Whether your cat prefers feathers, mice, catnip, or all three, you’ll find a bunch of toys ready to spoil your cat quickly. 

#2: Wall Shelves For Your Feline

If your cat feels cramped in your home, then utilize your walls! The Refined Feline’s artfully crafted Lotus Branch modern wall shelves are sure to please any cat. They are perfect for any home space and can be utilized in smaller living spaces as well. Your cat will love the ability to jump and move around more without taking up too much horizontal space. You can place one shelf throughout your home in various rooms or stagger them so your cat can keep jumping and going higher! Made of wood and bent ply, these chic shelves come in multiple colors to better fit your home decor. They include a lining of faux fur white if you select the white shelf, otherwise, the other choices come with a Berber lining. The cat tree will always stay clean, fresh, and comfortable as the carpet pads can be removed and washed. 

#3: Level Up Your Cat’s Litter Box Game

Most cat owners already know how finicky cats can get with their litter boxes. If your cat expects a near-perfect litter box all the time, don’t worry, we have the answer. Making the change to an automatic cleaning box will definitely help keep your cat’s litter box pristine. You won’t have to do a thing as these boxes will handle all the scooping! Different models will have varied settings, so you can find the one that works best for your household. Some models will scoop when waste is detected while other brands will scoop within certain time frames. It will deposit the waste into a receptacle in the back of the box after each cycle, and you can simply empty it when full. These automatic litter boxes are great for multiple cat households or if you work long hours. These litter boxes can help you continue spoiling your cat instead of constantly scooping the box!  

#4: Fluffy Beds For Your Cat

Your cat can also get easily spoiled by getting new, soft cat beds. Do some research online to see all the options and designs, and pick one that would appeal to your cat the most. You can get enclosed beds for your shy cats or super soft, plush beds for your cat who loves to nap. There are even orthopedic beds that can help older cats get more comfortable with extra support and depth. If you want to spoil them even more, buy an oversized dog bed for them to fully stretch out and sleep or relax. Dog beds also work well for multiple cat households since there’s enough room for them to snuggle up together. Most of these beds are machine washable, have easy-to-clean material, or come with covers that can be washed.        

#5: Cat Trees

Ensuring your cats have an ample supply of cat trees is another great way to spoil your cat. Cats need vertical space for a number of reasons like to escape, sleep, play, or for watching the outside world. If you have the room, provide a few cat trees in your home so your cat has choices. This is the easiest way to give your cat multiple choices in where they sleep and height preferences.

The Refined Feline’s Lotus Cat Tower is a perfect example of room, height, and amusement! The Lotus Cat Tower is nearly six feet tall and composed of sturdy and strong wood. This cat tree has a wider base, giving the support your cat needs. They will be able to jump off of it from any angle or height, and this cat tree will stand firm. The Lotus Cat Tower is spacious enough to easily fit multiple cats without any battles. There is a hidey hole at the bottom, plenty of scratching surfaces, and Berber carpeting for relaxation. The Lotus Cat Tower also comes in multiple color choices, so it’s sure to fit into any room of your home. This is the ultimate cat tree for your cats to spread out and take in the world!

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However you want to spoil your cat, they will be thrilled and busy exploring all the new cat trees and toys you’ve chosen. Just don’t be surprised if you don’t see them as often!