Ten amazing things dogs have done in the past decade

We are grateful for your support and have spent the past 10 years trying to make the world a better environment for man’s best friend. Must Read: 7 best indoor pets for your kids A …

We are grateful for your support and have spent the past 10 years trying to make the world a better environment for man’s best friend.

Must Read: 7 best indoor pets for your kids

A better world for people and dogs

Unfortunately, millions of dogs all over the globe are subject to persecution and inhumane killing. But there are many things that can be optimistic about.

With the support of our supporters, over the past 10 years we have helped governments and communities around the globe to achieve harmonious co-existence between humans and dogs.

These are only a few highlights of a decade that was very successful.

  1. Over a million dogs have been vaccinated

Over 1.6 million dogs were vaccinated in 18 countries across 3 continents. This saved many people and animals from the terror of rabies.

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  1. Literally educated thousands of dog owners

We created education programs to help people in 16 countries and eight different languages learn responsible pet ownership and how to prevent dog bites. The Barkyard app allows users to share their progress in neutering and vaccinating their dogs. A children’s book on dog welfare and human welfare was published in China.

  1. United 64 Countries to Protect Dogs

We convinced both the African Union (AU) and the Association for South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) to agree on action plans for rabies elimination that include mass vaccination of dogs and management of dog populations.

  1. Dog rabies cases have been reduced by half

The effectiveness of vaccination programs in Bali, Indonesia, Colombo, Sri Lanka resulted in a 75%, 50%, and 55% reduction respectively in dog rabies cases. To prevent rabies from returning, the Balinese government agreed that they would continue to administer regular vaccinations. Authorities in Colombo abandoned cruel methods of controlling stray dogs.

  1. Romanian dogs saved

After a quick response petition, we convinced Constanţa to stop killing and catching stray dogs. A new rehabilitation and veterinary center in Cernavoda, which treats more than 2000 homeless, sick and injured dogs per year, was also funded by us.

  1. Sierra Leone and Kenya are experiencing a transformation thanks to the inspiration of Sierra Leone

Our efforts in Makueni, Kenya, as well as Freetown, Sierra Leone have protected hundreds of thousands dogs from cruel culling. We continue to support the government’s rabies elimination strategy in Sierra Leone and train teachers on responsible dog ownership. The Kenyan government is currently replicating our Makueni project in other countries. We have already worked in seven additional counties.

  1. In the Philippines, banned dog cruelty

We worked with local partners to ban ‘tambucho’. This cruel practice involved gassing unclaimed dogs with vehicle exhaust fumes with carbon monoxide, killing them.

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  1. Dogs and their friends were treated to the Olympic treatment

We inspired Rio Olympics organizers to ensure that wild and domestic animals were protected around all Olympic venues in 2016. Our training and support enabled local authorities and Olympic staff to be trained in humane handling of animals. After wandering into Olympic areas, more than 200 dogs and cats were saved and treated. 63 wild animals were also rescued and released.

  1. Red Collar Campaign was hugely successful

We worked with government agencies from 2011 to 2016 in order to promote mass vaccination of dogs for rabies control.

  1. You convinced the world to take care

We have made it possible for governments and non-governmental organizations to control the dog population through our collaboration with the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARB) and the International Companion Animal Management Coalition.

All of these achievements together have made us closer to a world without inhumane dog killing.

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People are starting to realize that dogs can end rabies and that our welfare is directly tied to theirs.