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Your pet reptile can benefit from the nutrition provided by live food. These foods offer a variety of food and allow your reptile to forage as they would in the wild.

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Before you feed them to your reptiles, it is essential that they are in good health. You can care for your insects as pets for a brief time, but you should not feed them sick or malnourished. Gut-loading is a method that feeds your insects. You feed your insects nutritious food and then hope that they will pass it on to your reptile.

We’ve taken three of the most common insects we use to feed our reptiles, and have some tips for how to care for them.


The grasshopper, also known as locusts or grasshoppers, can take between 2 and 4 weeks to hatch from eggs. They mature quickly and usually reach adulthood in 4 weeks. They reach maturity in 6 months.

  • Place your grasshoppers in an ample container.
  • You should ensure that ventilation holes are present in the container, but not too large to allow for air to escape.
  • Dry oatmeal flakes or sand can be added to the bottom of your container. Add some twigs to allow them to rest on.
  • Place the container in direct sunlight or near a light source such as a lamp.
  • Grasshoppers can eat both grass and leaves so ensure there is plenty. These leaves should not have been exposed to pesticides.

To keep them healthy, they will require warm and dry conditions. However, not too hot as this could lead to infections. It is preferable to keep them between 25-35 degrees Celsius during the day, and 15 degrees at night.

You should always have water available in a shallow container, because grasshoppers can easily become dehydrated.

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Crickets provide a lot of nutrition and are a great choice for reptiles. If they are well cared for, they will provide a wonderful source of food for your reptiles.

Place your crickets in an ample container.

You should ensure that ventilation holes are present in the container, but not too large to allow for air to escape.

You can also give them some egg cartons or cardboard tubes as dark hiding places.

You can give crickets fresh plants, cricket food, or supplements like HabiStat Cricket Diet Eco Pack Food. This is great for gut-loading.

You should always ensure that your pet has access to water in a shallow container. They can easily become dehydrated.

After you’ve fed your reptile a few crickets, disinfect the container and then start the process over again.


Mealworms are high in essential fats and protein, making them a great treat for your reptile or part of a balanced diet.

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Place your mealworms into a container.

The bottom of the container should be lined with substrate. This will be passed on to your reptile pet by the mealworms as part of their gut-loading process.

You should ensure that the substrate remains damp but not wet.

We have a variety of live reptile foods in various varieties and stages. You can choose the right food for your reptile to supplement their diet.

Part 1: How to Care For Reptiles

It is becoming more popular to keep reptiles as pets. The increased availability of equipment allows us to care more effectively for our reptiles.

As with any pet, it is important to not take too much responsibility. Reptiles require the same care as cats and dogs, and need to be provided with proper living conditions and food in order for them to thrive. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when bringing your exotic pet home.

The right environment

Your new reptiles will spend a lot of their lives in an enclosure, such as a vivarium and terrarium.

  • It is in excellent condition with no cracks.
  • It’s large enough to allow your pet to move about freely.
  • If your reptile is still young, it will be able to grow in its new home.

Your reptile will be able to hide in the enclosure, which is something they would do naturally in the wild. Exo Terra Vivarium Hide Out Cave will provide a private, dark and cool place for them to unwind.

To make your pet’s enclosure more interesting, add some plants. Ask your vet or reptile expert about safe use of real plants. It is not a good idea for your pet to eat toxic plant life. You can use fake foliage such as the Zoo Med Amazonian Plant.

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A basking spot is a good idea. You can either add rocks or a surface to the hiding spot. It is important that your reptile is able to enjoy the heat in this area as much as it would in the wild.

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