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A lonely bunny can be a single bunny

Rabbits love to be with other Facts about rabbits species and are social creatures. A neutered male and female are the best combinations. If they are left to their own devices, they can become depressed and sad.

They can live up 12 years.

Pet rabbits live from eight to twelve years. It is important to consider how you will care for your rabbits over this time period before purchasing them.

They’re masters in hearing

The majority of rabbits are capable of turning their ears 180°. This rotation can pinpoint where a sound is. Wow.

Their eyesight is not bad.

Rabbits can see 360 degrees but are born blind.

They are closer than you might imagine to wild rabbits.

While these pets can be bred in domesticated colors and breeds, their view of the world is still very much the same as their wild relatives. Prey animals are hunted by other wild animals, so their life is about survival. They’re always on alert. This is why rabbits hate being picked up. If you do try to pick them up, they may run away, hide or bite.

Rabbits use a secret code to communicate

Although it’s not really a secret code, you could be forgiven if you think it is. Their body movements are so subtle that it might seem like it. If they feel anxious, rabbits may clench and move their bodies in a way you wouldn’t be able to see. This is why so many rabbits are misunderstood and not given the right care.

Baby rabbits are called “kittens”

Cute. In case you were wondering, male rabbits are called “bucks ‘…” and female rabbits are called “does”.

Rabbits and Guinea pigs aren’t good friends

These tiny pets were used to be considered perfect matches. Experts agree that the two species should be kept apart. Because they communicate differently, they are unable to understand each other. They also require different diets. Additionally, rabbits can injure Guinea Pigs.

Some ferries prohibit rabbits

Legend has it, rabbits being transported for food chewed through hulls of ships from the 17th century, leading to the death of many sailors. Brittany Ferries does not allow rabbits to travel across the Channel. It’s not something you’d want, since rabbits find traveling even for short distances to be extremely stressful.

Rabbits can have overgrown teeth.

Overgrown teeth problems can often be prevented. Owners often have to take their pet to the vet multiple times because their rabbit has a tooth or another problem in its mouth, such as abscesses. While some rabbit problems can be avoided, the majority of them can be prevented by providing the proper diet.

Rabbits need to have fresh grass and hay all the time. In fact, they should consume at least 90% of their daily intake of this stuff. If they want to keep their teeth and digestive health healthy, they need to have a constant supply of hay.

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